Welcome To Aqualified

Growing Force of Sri Lanka Ornamental Fish Industry…

Aqualified International Pvt Ltd is a young and strong company based in Sri Lanka, exporting freshwater tropical fish mainly to European countries and some other countries in Americas, Middle East and Africa.

We are one of most successful and fastest growing tropical fish breeding and exporting company, specializing is supplying of high quality livebearer fish such as Guppy, Platy Swordtail and Molly in different varieties and shapes. In addition to livebearers, we are in position to offer most of other tropical fish breed and native in Sri Lanka.

As we have very good experience in quality control and packing of fish we always stay ahead in HIGHER PACKING DENSITY of fish than any other tropical fish exporter in Sri Lanka. This is the highest advantage that customer can acquire when dealing with us.

With fast communication, most accurate documentation friendly relationship with airlines, we guarantee safest and fastest arrival of your shipments to destination